About RunningWombat

After 4 years of education and during their full-time jobs, 3 friends from The Netherlands decided to spend their one free weekday by giving their inspiration and knowledge a creative outlet. They had the idea to create multiple awesome and easy to use digital tools/products, by either perfecting already existing tools or by creating new ones.

The first step on their journey was creating a blog, where they would be able to share their new products, knowledge and ideas to keep people posted about what they were doing. After that they started with their first product. A HEIC to JPG converter, for people with iPhones that want to share their images but have trouble with the raw HEIC format.

And that's where we are right now. Trying to find our way in the world of digital tools. We hope you will share this journey with us by supporting us, you can do that by simply following our blogs and subscribing to our newsletter to keep updated about us.

We are very thankful for the people that support us in this journey, great things are coming.

Cheers, Dirk, Joerie and Rowan.

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