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10 exceptional and useful websites that even the best internet user wouldn't know

10 exceptional and useful websites that even the best internet user wouldn't know

Do you ever feel as like you're losing out because you don't understand the internet as well as you should? This article will highlight 10 helpful websites that even the most knowledgeable internet user would not be aware of.

These websites are a must-read for anybody who wants to keep on top of the curve, offering anything from learning 10x quicker to discovering the greatest SaaS solutions to help you with your business. So come in whether you want to learn something new or just want to expand your knowledge!


The moment where you want to find a really old website that you liked back in the day, only to stumble across a dead link. Big chance you can find the site. The internet archive site takes snapshots of websites in different time periods. Here you can find old sites that are no longer online, very handy!

Ever in the need of a special character you can't find on your fancy RGB keyboard? Copychar is an awesome database of special HTML characters, copy your favourite character and paste it wherever you need it.

Whenever your friends are too lazy to Google something, you can do it for them! Now they can never say they can't find something. A real gem.

4. Downforeveryoneorjustme
Check if a website is down for everyone or if it is just your crappy internet connection. Trust me, this is really handy. You might think you don't need it but when the time comes, you'll be happy you read this blog.

5. Nomadlist
Do you want to work remotely? Nomadlist is a must visit. This site contains every piece of information you need to know if you want to live a nomadic life.

Additionally, is your go-to resource if you're organizing a trip and want to learn more about a city. You'll discover comprehensive details on the attractions that are worthwhile seeing, upcoming local events, and more!

6. Kialo
On the website Kialo, you can view the arguments for both sides of any controversy. You can use it to form your own opinions on difficult subjects and learn more about various points of view.

For instance, if you're interested in politics, you can browse through various articles on the subject and skim the text to determine which side is prevailing in the debate. This will help you comprehend the reasons behind people's beliefs and might even cause you to reconsider certain points of view.

7. Gamma
Gamma is a strong presentation tool that enables you to make expert decks in a matter of minutes. It has a lot of features that make it a great option for anyone who wants to easily and quickly create presentations of the highest caliber.

First off, using Gamma couldn't be simpler. To upload your content and finish formatting it, click the button after writing your deck in plain text or using a template. Additionally, the Gamma has robust deck restyling features that let you alter the design, font, and color of your slides without having to change any code. This makes it ideal for designing slides that complement the design of your presentation's overall theme.

TypeLit is a very powerful tool. Not only to improve your typing skills but also for learning from any book via Typelits amazing learning system.

Modern AI is used by to analyze and gain knowledge from any book you choose to use it with. In this way, regardless of how challenging or obscure a book may be, you can learn from it!

9. GTMetrix
GTMetrix is awesome for it's really thorough website audits. You can see GTMetrix as Pagespeed insights on steroids. In fact with every GTMetrix audit, the system also does a Lighthouse audit (the underlying system from pagespeed insights).

If you are every in doubt if your site is a good one, GTMetrix is your go to tool.

10. RunningWombat
If we would catagorize RunningWombat we would have a lot of trouble. RunningWombat aims to provide the internet with the best and useful tools. The website currently offers image converters but more is yet to come. If i were you, i'd keep an eye on this one. Fairly new on the market but very promising!

I hope these 10 websites will give you some inspiration. You are definitely some good information richer. Anything you want to contribute? Feel free to email me.

Cheers, Rowan