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Use our free AVIF compressor created by your friends at RunningWombat!

This free online tool compress your AVIF images to a smaller size if this is possible. Unlike other tools, we do NOT send your image to another server. All the processing is done locally.

If you're not familiar with this file format and how it works, here's what you need to know:

AVIF is a file format invented in 2019. A AVIF can be a single image or a series of images. Netflix started using this format as one of the first companies because of the compression levels that AVIF has. It can be 10 times smaller than a regular JPG image. The only problem is that AVIF is still not supported by all the popular software.

How to use our free AVIF compressor?

  • Upload your AVIF file.
  • Wait a little bit.
  • Download your compressed AVIF image!

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