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Use our free Easy image resizer created by your friends at RunningWombat!

This free online customnizer tool resizes your image to the sizes you want! Unlike other tools, we do NOT send your image to another server. All the processing is done locally.

How to use our free image resizer?

  • Click on the middle button labeled "Choose Preferences" or "Settings".
  • Select your desired output format, compression level, resize dimensions, resize method, and background color (for PNGs or the "contain" resize method).
  • Click "Start Using", or "Share Settings" which copies a URL that you can send to anyone. This URL includes your chosen resize settings.

Tips from us

  • If you are a developer or designer, simply share the copied URL with your client. This allows them to easily add new product images, blog images, etc. on their own, to your masterpiece of a website while keeping it stable and quick.
  • If you have a common way of resizing for yourself, just set up your settings and add the current page to your bookmarks. This saves your preferences in the bookmark. If you have more common resizing preferences, just repeat this process as many times as you want with different settings.

We understand the importance of a fast-loading website, especially when it comes to user experience. That's why we've developed a new free file resizer using JavaScript to help users optimize their images for faster loading times. Our tool makes it easy for website owners and developers to reduce image file sizes, without compromising on quality. By using our file resizer, users can expect faster loading times, improved website performance, and a better overall user experience. We're excited to offer this tool to the community, and we hope it will be a valuable resource for improving websites everywhere.

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